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Use it to Your Advantage

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Life does not always introduce you to the kind of people you WANT to meet. It is funny how life sometimes rather pushes us to meet the kind of human beings we NEED to meet instead of those we WANT to meet.

We hardly get the good ones who will spoon-feed us to the top always and I strongly believe it is for our own good. The company that treated you like nothing, forced you to start your own company. You were disrespected and treated rudely by passengers because you were a bus conductor or a cab driver and this made you vow to make it in life at all cost.

You were mistakenly called a thief just because your dress wasn’t the best among the others, you had no friends because you smelled badly, the maltreatment you got from your step mom made you take a good decision on how not to maltreat someone’s child, your father leaving your mummy and your siblings to run after another woman helped you to see how your mum single handedly struggled emotionally and financially and this made you to decide never to go after married people.

Your mother maltreating your dad till his death made you decide not to maltreat any man God brings your way because of poverty.

Some people come to hurt you, others come to help you, some also come to guide you whilst some come for a period of time and leave with no reason and lastly is those ones who come to love you genuinely.

It doesn’t matter the category they all fall under. These people have all gradually pushed you or are pushing you into what you’re destined to be. So don’t let it hit you the wrong way for them to say they always knew nothing good could come out of you. Use it to your advantage. Don’t let it define you.

For your background does not mean your back is on the ground.

Mimi ElBernard

They will not understand now but just give yourself a space of just two years. For your shame, you shall have double. Bread is coming your way.

#KukuaIsMyName #OluwakemiGodIsTakingCareOfMe


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