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The Gift of Pain

The enemy does not mess up with people who have nothing going on for them. If the enemy is messing with you, then it means you either have things going on well for you or you are about to run things and make it big time in that field you’re being attacked.

Armed robbers do not rob an empty house and even if they enter an empty house they go as assassins to kill people without taking anything. The enemy attacks people who have nothing now because he already know how you will make it in that particular field.

The trouble you are facing today is a confirmation that you’re going somewhere. Even the enemy has a preview of your coming attraction, that is why they keep hitting you hard but they forget pain has its own purpose. I call it the gift of pain.

I honestly believe pain is actually a great benefactor to humankind, a gift from God and not a curse, which allows us to know what needs to be done when we hurt. Some people get closer to God when they are in pain. Others isolate themselves and think about their lives and what to do or not to do when they are in pain. Most people discover their gifting through pain.

May God open your eyes to see why you are going through what you are going through. The devil has a preview of your coming attraction that’s why he is hitting you hard. Lord help me, give me the patience, strength, understanding, love and peace to carry on.

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  • Desmond Nana Parker Junior
    September 9, 2017

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    Amen and Amen…

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