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Remembrance Pays

There are people who naturally remember what you do for them only when you keep doing it for them. Immediately you stop, they forget and look for the next available person. They will bash you directly to your face because they have lost respect for you and indirectly because they can’t stand up to you and pretend as if everything is alright.

Just as the saying goes; who the cap fits, let them wear it. So even if it’s indirect, there will be certain things that will give you a hint that this person is referring to you but when that happens don’t just talk, sit back and watch how it will all end. After all, life isn’t about today.

Remembrance pays, you’ll understand very soon. As long as there are human beings around them, they will soon experience the same act and when that happens, just pray for them.

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  • MsEfua Nancy
    September 8, 2017

    Rememberance Pays?

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