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A person can be saved, sanctified, Holy Ghost filled and still go through bad situations. I call these situations mountains. Mountains can show up when you are going for an interview, when you are about to start your own organization, in your marriage, education, family, finances, in your relationship, on the day of your wedding, on your day of delivery and etc.

Mountains can be human beings, it could even be that, the church member who is always trying to frustrate you is doing so because you’re not good looking like everyone. They do not know what you go through to even get money to pick a car to come to church on Sundays to worship your Maker. The most painful part is when the usher ushers you to sit beside someone with a mountain spirit.

They will behave as if you smell of sweat but the truth of the matter is, you came with a trotro (bus) and you even walked from the junction to the auditorium, so you obviously will be sweating. Tell that mountain to please allow you to sweat because the sweating is only but for a moment.

You know the funny thing about these mountains? it doesn’t matter how long you have been dealing with them in your life or where they are coming from. One thing I know for a fact is, the bigger the mountain, the harder they fall.

That mountain will crumble and fall in the heart of the sea with no trace. It disappears when the mighty hand of God is stretched (Olowogbogboro).

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  • Desmond Nana Parker Junior
    September 9, 2017

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