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It is the Grace That Makes A Difference

Jealousy isn’t always about being envied materialistically. Sometimes people envy the fact that you are able to go through your struggles and move on.

They are angry at you because what they thought was going to kill you didn’t. They cannot stand to see your head up high. Your intelligence and how you make things happen irritates them.

It could be school, work, church and even among your friends. When you see this; do not panic, just avoid them because you cannot spiritually connect with people who are envious of your anointing, so avoid them and protect that gift.

They envy because something they struggle to do, you do with ease, tell them not to take it personal, for it is the grace that makes a difference.

Disassociate yourself from people like that, they can kill you.

Makeup: cjzmakeover
Outfit: Nadrey Laurent
Photography: Kobby Ohene Siaw

1 Response
  • Dr. Philemon Mensah
    March 15, 2018

    This is actually a great piece and I believe strongly many people will identify with this experience.

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