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Forgive Yourself

Often times we rely on our own strength and try to manipulate our ways through life by bribing and doing the wrong things to get to the top.

We get to the top alright but then we look down and we see disgrace and disappointment starring at us, the past comes back to hunt us sometimes, some of us begin to reap certain bad seeds we sowed in the past but in all of this God’s still got us!

We all make mistakes yet his grace is always there to sustain us. He will never allow us to go through things we cannot handle though to man it may look as if we deserve the worst because of certain decisions we took in the past but God isn’t man!

God will keep us in perfect peace, dont worry you will not lose your mind. Forgive yourself, even if no one loves you, you know God’s always got you.

Mimi ElBernard

#TransgenerationalImpact #CallMeOluwakemi


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