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Do it Again

Don’t cry over the things you lost last week, last month, last year or even yesterday. The money, the job, the relationship, the ministry, the contract and every other thing you lost was released by a giver (GOD). If you still have the giver (GOD) of that gift then it means you can get the gift again and who knows maybe a better gift.

Just do what you did to the giver (GOD) that made him open that door for you because the giver (GOD) can give you a better and a bigger gift within a short space of time.

Mimi ElBernard

If you prayed, then pray again. If you fasted, then fast again, if you sowed a seed to a church, an orphanage, anything that you did that triggered those blessings can be done again. JUST TRY IT !

#CallMeOluwakemi #TransGenerationalImpact


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