Mimi ElBernard is a profound communicator, a brand architect, diversity maverick, an advocate for women and the Founder and Chief executive officer of Concept 360 Events Ltd.

She is happily married to one of the nation’s leading clergy men; Prophet Bernard Elbernard Nelson-Eshun.

She holds a degree in Human Resource Management, a diploma in Journalism and Media studies, Certificate in accounting and a certificate in administration and management.

Mrs Elbernard is committed to nurturing and empowering the next generation of female leaders. Known for harnessing the power of women to move businesses forward, Mimi injects enthusiasm and accountability into these young women to create engaged, high-performing, and cohesive structures in their lives and businesses.

She is the host of The Prophet’s wife, a candid talk show which shows on Facebook and YouTube and is set to debut on TV later this year.

The show addresses issues faced by Women of God and women married to men of God and seeks to provide pragmatic insights into how these magnanimous women will scale their ever daunting tasks and excel at it.

She runs a Scholarship scheme that facilitates payment of fees for brilliant but needy University students with her husband.

Mimi is a true 21st Century business and religious leader who pushes the boundaries of traditional business approaches in emerging markets to reinvent, re-imagine, and amplify a company’s brand and performance.