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A Prospective Spouse

A young man was in a relationship with a lady for about six months and he got tired of the relationship because according to him, the girl was not adding value to him.

One evening he took her out on a dinner date. After what seemed like a long explanation of how the lady was not adding value to him mentally, financially and otherwise, he told the girl that the relationship is over. According to him, “I can hire maids to cook and to clean the house, I can hire prayer warriors to pray for I need a woman that adds more value to me than pray, cook or clean the house”. The girl cried for a while…, all of a sudden the lady started laughing and screaming. On further inquiry, the young man discovered that the girl just won $20 million from and ongoing consumer reward competition by the company that makes the drink she just had.

What are your essential and non-essential requirements in a prospective spouse? What are the things your prospective spouse must have before you consider him/her for marriage and what are the things that do not really matter and you can do without…is it money, good manners, beauty, a good heart, good job or domestic tendencies?


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