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The Mystery of Association

Be careful of the people you get close to. You can be blessed or cursed by association. God blessed the house of Potiphar not because of Potiphar but because Joseph was in the house.

I Spoke to God

I spoke to God about you. Don’t worry, everything will be alright.



Take That Issue to God

God has a way of always giving the best to those who leave the choice to Him. Take that issue to God.



There is a shift! Suddenly, everything about you will change for the better. Suddenly! Suddenly! Suddenly!


I See A Shift

I do not know what you are going through at the moment but I see a shift. This week is going to be the best week of your life.


Hang in There

Do not let what you’re going through block you from where God is taking you to. You will experience a breakthrough, if you do not let the pressure break you. I have never seen a storm last forever. Just hang in there.


How They Know You

The people who never believed in you are about to brag to people on how they know you.


Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread

As we step out today to go and look for what we will eat, may our legs not take us to meet anyone or anything that will eat us. Amen!


Let it Go

There’s always a lesson to be learnt in everything. Thank God for the betrayal, it was a blessing in disguise. Let it go.


It Will All Make Sense Someday

God does not stop people from throwing you into fire because he has a point to prove to them. The good news about going to hell is that you always come back on fire.

Who Are You Looking Down On?

The person you’re looking down on could suddenly be the source of the breakthrough you have been praying for.


God Will Open The Doors

You are about to walk through doors that no man can take credit for, doors that only God could have opened. And everyone will know it is God and give him all the praise that He deserves.


Pending Blessings

I don’t know what your 2018 resolution is, neither do I know what you have been praying for within this year but I add my faith to yours and I declare; YOU WILL NOT ENTER 2019 WITH PENDING BLESSINGS! Every blessing for 2018 will be released before the year comes to an end.

Inner Peace

When a man is sent by God, he covers you spiritually. God would not send you a man who will emotionally confuse you. A man from God brings you inner peace, not frustration and depression.



As you step out this morning; you will not fall into any pit. You will go in peace and return with resounding testimonies. You will not go and hustle for someone to come and eat the fruits of your hustle. Your efforts shall be watered and crowned with abundant success.

God Did

You cried in private; thinking no one saw you but God did. He’s about to bless you for everyone to see.


Prepare for what you have been praying for. The blessings are about to take you one by one.

You Will Win At All Cost

The strongest people aren’t those who show strength in front of the world but those who fight and win battles that no one knows about.

So Help Us God!

May we never need help from people who will use it to mock us.

Step Into Your Possibilities

I challenge you today to break out from the norm, break out from the routines. Step into your possibilities and be who God has called you to be.

Dancing With Bones & Scars

Your new songs will be so loud that, even those against your progress will hear them and start singing with you.

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You Are Who God Says You Are

God had a purpose for your life before anyone had an opinion.

No human being under the sun created you, so do not allow anybody to take you off your path.

The Affirmation

God approved of you before anyone had the chance to disapprove of you.

Forget about your issues and let God handle it.

I Too Shall Celebrate

I am always happy for others, I too shall celebrate.

Being genuinely happy for someone’s success and well-being means you’re halfway there.

God Will Make It Happen

If you are reading this right now, I pray something great happens to you before the week comes to an end.

Thou Saith The Lord

The Lord said, He will put you together right in front of the people who broke you.


You Will Soon Be On The Receiving End

In the midst of your pain someone is laughing but what they don’t know is, Sometimes things get worse before they get better.

Sound of Abundance

What the enemy sent for your setback, the Lord is using it as a set up.
May the good Lord turn all your struggles, trials, temptations and attacks into testimonies.

The Faces of Reality

The wise will admire you. The wishful will envy you.

The bold and confident ones will ask for tips. The weak will hate you.

Grace and The Graced

Grace is the supernatural endowment that causes you to flourish and excel in all you do. ???

Time and Chance

Life is such that you get wet and it dries off with time. Time and chance happens to them all.

Gorgeous Mummy. @adelaidehmills

Your Miracle Bears Your Name

God has your name written on that miracle.

Your miracle is your miracle and no one can take it away from you.

Go and Do Exploits

As a child of a covenant keeping God, I decree that what stops others has no right to stop you.

Go and do exploits; spiritually, physically, mentally and financially and astound all those who are against you.

You’re Not God

Why quench another person’s light when what God has for you is different from theirs?

Why run people down when you can help them up?

Never in Vain

If you’re reading this, your hustle will never go in vain.

Have a glorious weekend.


Divine Positioning

God will put you in a position you’ve never applied for.

Those Who Doubt You

The people who do not believe in you will one day switch their stance and tell others how they met you.

Can Anything Good Come Out of Nazareth?

I don’t know who wrote you off but I believe in God’s timing.

They can write you off with the mind that nothing good can come out of you. “Can anything good come out of Nazareth?” Never give up on yourself,

Open Heavens

As the crying of the baby attracts the attention of the mother; from this morning, all your needs will attract the attention of God.

Don’t Give Up On God Yet

God is setting you free.

God is restoring, renewing, replacing anything that makes you want to give up on him.

Don’t give up on God yet.

You Will Always Recover

Sometimes the bad things that happens in our lives catapults us to the best things that will ever happen to us especially when you have faith.

You walk differently when you’re covered with God, no matter the stones thrown at you, you will always recover.

My Own Husband

My own husband, my personal gee. I didn’t know a man, apart from God, can love someone more than themselves. You love the kids and I so much that it sometimes gets me wandering what I did to receive this glorious package in a human form from God.

Your Life Radiates His Glory

I declare that You prosper in all that your hands find to do. May God separate you from the company of doubters and losers.

What God Says is Yours

You are about to move from being skipped over to being sort after.

From today you won’t compete over what God says is yours.

God Does Not Discriminate

God does not discriminate. He doesn’t answer your prayers and leave another person’s prayers unanswered because they offended you. 

My Time Will Come

My time will come. It is just a matter of time.

I look into the future with hope in my heart. Just waiting to hug my blessings.

Look Beyond Their Excesses

You can never tap into an anointing if you get familiar with the carrier of the anointing. The anointing is contagious.

Take That Step

 The people who kill ideas and concepts are the people close to you.

Be careful of people who try to keep you where they met you.

Be Watchful!

Be careful who you trust; before you bring anyone into your space, make sure you pray about it.

Some people are not happy until they sabotage the happiness of their fellow human being.

Redemption is Not Reduction

Your current condition is not your conclusion. Every pain and issue has an expiry date. From today, you are going to command anything that commands you.

God’s Intent

What is coming is better than what is gone.

God has to take certain people and certain things out of your life, for you to remember who you are.

My Path Overflows With Wine

From today I declare that this week will bring me more increase in every area of my life. I will not go through the struggles of my family. I will be unique amongst my friends. What others use ten years to accomplish,

A Sudden Breakthrough

I see someone’s abandoned dry tree becoming fruitful. Someone is about to experience a sudden miracle and breakthrough that will attract global attention and recognition.

It is the Grace That Makes A Difference

Jealousy isn’t always about being envied materialistically. Sometimes people envy the fact that you are able to go through your struggles and move on.

The Gift of Rejection

I have been through a lot and I remember most from age 5. I believe everything is for a reason and God took me through it for me to become an encouragement to others, a voice, a testimony and a witness that with God all things are possible.

The Difference Between HERE and THERE

Do not put a full stop where God has putting just a coma. Do not conclude on yourself and never be intimidated by other people’s success.

Just Have Faith

The Lord said I should tell you to have faith in what you just prayed about. I don’t know what it is about but just have faith.

A Test Audition For Your Testimony

God will remember you in the presence of those that tried to dismember you.

They didn’t know dismembering you was a test audition for your testimony. See you soon at the top.

You Won’t Remain A Seed Forever

A seed is dropped into dirty sand and after that, it’s covered in darkness, and it goes through a whole lot of struggle to reach the light.

Some seeds die in the darkness and others survive through the struggle but after the struggle,

He Clears The Way

God takes certain group of people out of our lives when He knows they can’t stand the kind of blessings He’s about to give us, so He clears the way.

God’s Honor

They killed your name privately but God is about to honor that very name publicly.

Watch it.

I Am An Overcomer

Today, I declare that I am hidden from all the danger that destroys in this age; because I am called according to purpose, everything is working for me. I am loved by God. He loved me first, and God is at work in me both to will and to do of His good pleasure.

Divine Favor

Favor is God’s endorsement in the life of a person. The undeniable hand of God in a person’s life is called favor.

Labor without favor is struggle. Every person doing extremely well in life, in their purpose, their calling, their chosen field and their ministry, does extremely well by the divine favor of God.

Do Not Question God

You cannot pray for God to help you get an A in an examination and you sit and study for a B.

God will not write the exam for you, you have to put in more effort and write for yourself.

Only God

“Nazareth!” exclaimed Nathanael. “Can anything good come from Nazareth?” “Come and see for yourself,” Philip replied.

Never look down on anyone. Only God sits that high.

#godsgotme #outoftheasheswerise

People Pretend

It is either people motivate you or they drain you or they used to inspire you but now they drain you.

Just because they appear good doesn’t mean their intentions are good.

People pretend. Some can pretend just to win your trust so they can ruin you.

You Are A Child of Promise

Today I speak over your life and your household that God has anointed you with the oil of ease.

Nothing can be difficult for you, for the force of creation is at work in you. You have the knowledge of witty inventions.

It’s Gonna Be Alright

Heaven is holding conversations about you. The universe is working for you before the year comes to an end. Don not worry about not meeting the target you set for 2017. Angels have been assigned to you.

The Journey of Learning

Guess What? Not every page of your book has to be a masterpiece. It is okay to have people look down on your capabilities because you have not accomplished anything in life.

Be Encouraged

It is okay to sometimes feel your efforts are being overlooked and undervalued. I know some of these things discourages us as humans but what if, God is hiding you so that he can prepare you for the next dimension.

Guess What!

God is a protocol Changer, He changes protocols for the sake of His children. There are physical and spiritual protocols, God can break any protocol or law to give you a breakthrough.

My Head Has Been Lifted

I will not see shame, neither will I be disgraced. God leads me in His wisdom and I am protected by His integrity. Righteousness preserves me, and my head has been lifted. My mountain shall abide and I remain in strength.

Thank You Jesus

I stand amazed in your presence. Thank you Lord Jesus.

How Much More God?

When a train goes through a tunnel and it gets dark, you do not throw away the ticket and jump off out of fear. You sit still and trust the Engineer to do what he is good at. How much more God?

Don’t Forget to Tell Them it is Jesus

A seed is dropped into dirty sand. After that, it is covered in darkness and it goes through a whole lot of struggle to reach the light.

Some seeds die in the darkness and others survive through the struggle but after the struggle it becomes a plant.

God Has Graced You To Overcome It

Grace is when they try to wipe everybody out or bring people down with a particular issue but immediately they try that with you, grace brings them down and wipe them out.

A Grateful Heart

A grateful heart attracts more blessings and miracles. I am grateful Lord.

Even When You Do Not Understand

Jesus said to him, You do not understand now what I am doing, but you will understand later on.” John 13:7

Even when you do not understand, trust God.

It Is For A Reason

God sometimes puts the toughest battles on his strongest soldiers. Don’t give up. It is for a reason.

Trusting in God Even When We Cannot Trace Him

God sometimes does not stop people from maltreating you and hurting you because he has a point to prove to them.

You realize sometimes people do all kinds of things to you and apologize to you whenever they come to their senses but they go back again to do the same thing to you,

God Does Not Rush Greatness

Just like there is a purpose to every place in our lives, there is a reason for every season in our lives. Those years we are unnoticed and undiscovered are not wasted years; they are maturing years. And just because we feel unnoticed does not mean we are unimportant. Do not get it twisted,

You Qualify

As a believer, after you have gone through hell, the pain, rejection and every other thing you have been through, you qualify to ask God specifically how you want your miracle, testimony, healing and breakthrough to be like.

Do Not Despair

The same God that made a way the last time, will make a way this time. Do not despair.

Anointed for Victory

Today I declare that I enter into a season of restoration. I occupy my mountain, I walk in holiness, I possess my possession and I walk in abundance forever. I am a woman of faith, the word of God works wonders in my life. I have divine favour and I live in a perfect state of health.

Leave it to God

Yes, it is difficult but sometimes you just have to leave it to God and go to sleep. God is too faithful to fail you. Don’t worry about those that hurt you, God’s got them too.

You ask yourself why will God allow all these people to do this to me and bless them on top of it.Just watch how the reward of the wicked will unfold.

Willing Vessels

God isn’t looking for gold vessels or silver vessels. He is looking for willing vessels.

You Took His Job

The devil used to be a serious worshipper but he was kicked out of heaven because of his pride. So the moment I open my mouth to praise God, I remind the devil that he no longer has that job of being a worshipper. The moment the devil was kicked out,

It is Released

Whatever is tied up spiritually that belongs to you – I command it to be released now! Get ready for your inheritance!

The Reward of the Wicked

I asked God; why are you taking me through troubled waters? He answered; “don’t forget your enemies cannot swim and you are about to see the reward of the wicked.”

The flaming sword of God has been released and its assignment is to fight all your battles for you.

God Has A Way

God has a way of always giving the best to those who leave the choice to him. Take that issue to God.

Mimi ElBernard

Get Ready for Heavy Blessings

God is going to bless you to the extent that; the only thing you will be worried about is, how to carry the heavy blessings.

A Life Without Limits

Today I insist You are victorious over all of life’s issues. God smiles on you so men honour you. The power in the blood of the everlasting covenant preserves, protects and prevents you from every attack.

Good News is Coming

Start rejoicing in advance. Good news is coming your way before the year comes to an end. With a believing heart join me to say, Amen!

Be Careful Who You Trust

Be careful who you trust; before you bring anyone into your space, make sure you pray about it.

Some people aren’t happy until they sabotage the happiness of their fellow human being.

I Believe

I have come too far to give up now. My due season is coming and I am definitely going to reap my harvest. I don’t know how but I believe in God’s promise to me.

Mimi ElBernard

Word For The Week

The devil is rendered powerless; so on this day forward I declare restoration to anything the devil stole from you. Go and reap the harvest God promised you.

Call His Name

Anytime you hear someone call out your name, you lose focus of whatever you’re doing, and concentrate on where you heard your name coming from. You listen to the person who mentioned your name and you eventually  get to find out the reason behind your name being called.

Go to God

Stop comparing yourself to people. Stop counting other people’s blessings. Stop asking God when He’s going to bless you like He has blessed others.

Happy Founder’s Day

Happy Founder’s Day family! What is that scripture that gives you hope for tomorrow? Which scripture in the Bible keeps you going, encourages you and strengthens you? Please share, it can be of help to someone. God bless you.

Get Ready

Anything blocking the eyes of your helper has been removed! God is about to cause people you thought forgot about you to come looking for you in order to bless you and give you what should have been given to you long time ago.

Mimi ElBernard

The Prophet’s Wife – Episode 21

“Please help I need a virgin for marriage. I’ve tried hooking up with responsible ladies who do not drink, smoke, club, etc especially the church going ones are my kind of girls but I get turned off once they tell me they are not virgins.

My friends think virgins do not have experience but I am not looking for experience.

My Prayer For You

I pray you have a testimony this week. May you have a turnaround in your job, your marriage, your relationship, your education, your finances and your business. That contract and idea have been released; may favor locate you in every area of your life.

He Works Behind The Scenes

The presence and absence of miracles does not mean God isn’t with us.

He might be defending you in battles you have no idea of.

Have a blessed and fruitful weekend!

Mimi ElBernard

Four Years Down

Happy Anniversary to us!

Couples who make it aren’t the ones who never had a reason to divorce but the ones who use the Bible and the Word of God as their guide and have also taken a decision that their commitment to each other is more important than their flaws and differences.

Forgive Yourself

Often times we rely on our own strength and try to manipulate our ways through life by bribing and doing the wrong things to get to the top.

Flawlessly Awesome

I cannot be flawless. I am flawsome. I am perfectly imperfect. I embrace my flaws and understand I can have flaws and still be awesome. God’s got me.

Mimi ElBernard

Do it Again

Don’t cry over the things you lost last week, last month, last year or even yesterday. The money, the job, the relationship, the ministry, the contract and every other thing you lost was released by a giver (GOD). If you still have the giver (GOD) of that gift then it means you can get the gift again and who knows maybe a better gift.

Push Through!

You are worried because we are in the ninth month of the year and you still haven’t done anything for yourself.

You planned to do a lot of things this week but today is Friday and you happen to have done nothing. It’s fine, Stop beating yourself.

You always plan but cannot execute.

Don’t Give Up On God

Stop crying, we know it’s not easy and we also know you’re trying very hard but things aren’t just working out for you. We know you keep asking yourself how much pain you have to go through before you can finally give up.

Know Who to Talk To

There are people who have blocked their own blessings with their very own mouth. The whole world cannot be happy for you. There will be people very close who would even fight you till they see there’s nothing left out of you.

You Did Nothing Wrong

You think the devil is on your case because you aren’t prayerful? No! He isn’t fighting you because you aren’t strong. He’s fighting you because he has seen what you carry and where you’re going. Have you ever wondered why someone who has been with you through thick and thin can switch out on you when you least expected it?

It Will Make Sense In Due Time

The Lord said you’re about to understand why you were maltreated by almost everyone you’ve come into contact with in life. Some in little ways though not obvious but wasn’t a nice way to treat a fellow human being, others maltreated you in ways you can never forget but it is well.

Remembrance Pays

There are people who naturally remember what you do for them only when you keep doing it for them. Immediately you stop, they forget and look for the next available person. They will bash you directly to your face because they have lost respect for you and indirectly because they can’t stand up to you and pretend as if everything is alright.

A Prospective Spouse

A young man was in a relationship with a lady for about six months and he got tired of the relationship because according to him, the girl was not adding value to him.

One evening he took her out on a dinner date. After what seemed like a long explanation of how the lady was not adding value to him mentally,

The Gift of Pain

The enemy does not mess up with people who have nothing going on for them. If the enemy is messing with you, then it means you either have things going on well for you or you are about to run things and make it big time in that field you’re being attacked.

Your Breakthrough Is Not Normal

Ruth was committed and loyal to a man she called her husband but he died. She found a mother in her mother in-law but Naomi was bitter. Ruth was still committed to Naomi. Ruth understood Naomi had lost two sons and a husband, so as a human being she’ll definitely feel disappointed.


A person can be saved, sanctified, Holy Ghost filled and still go through bad situations. I call these situations mountains. Mountains can show up when you are going for an interview, when you are about to start your own organization, in your marriage, education, family, finances, in your relationship, on the day of your wedding,

Let Go and Let God

If you are to be approached by a well known international company, that they want your advice on an endorsement or a contract they want to give someone who unknowingly to them has hurt you and made you bitter. Maybe someone who has destroyed certain things in your life and this contract might be the breakthrough or turning point for this person,

God isn’t Done With You

As humans whether you’re a tongue speaking believer, Holy Ghost filled or a sanctified person, sometimes we unfortunately find ourselves between the devil and the deep blue sea.

This is when we turn to ask our selves; do I go to the devil or allow the deep blue sea to drown me dead?

He is God Alone

The only way God can sometimes show himself strong is to allow us face certain challenges.

Sicknesses, disappointments, betrayals, joblessness, marital issues (where some even go through divorce), barrenness etc. All these things at the same time.

You Will Prosper Without Inhibitions

From today, you are led by the Holy Spirit. Kings and Nations are rebuked for your sake. The angels will watch over you. Continental doors open for you. The Land yields her increase to you and you will work without fear.

The Rejection is Part of the Plan

It’s funny how God has a habit of always selecting what men rejects. He has always used the weak things of the world to confound the wise.

Samuel asked Jesse in 1 Samuel 16:11; So he asked Jesse, “Are these all the sons you have?” There is still the youngest,” Jesse answered.

God Will Be With You

The situation you’re facing looks like deep waters and it also looks like God isn’t doing anything about it.

What if God brought you into the deep waters not to drown you but to protect you from the enemies, because He knows your enemies cannot swim.

God will convict you in order to change you but will never accuse you to shame you,

Know the Difference

So I just heard that there’s a new strategy for some of our beautiful Christian single sisters. They become friends with a man who is dating and feel there’s nothing wrong with dating the man who already happens to be in a relationship because they think the man isn’t married,

The Prophet’s Wife

I told my husband two days ago that I feel it’s time for me to start preaching and he was so excited not because I wanted to preach but because prophecy was about to be fulfilled.

I know every preacher’s wife is not mandated to preach but there’s a way you can do your own ministry without standing in crowds to preach and still populate Heaven but that doesn’t also mean church members or Christians can judge the pastor’s wife because she isn’t preaching.

The God of Vindication

My greatest test in life as a Pastor’s wife is being able to forgive the people who hurt me badly to a point that they begin to think I am acting up because of who I am and what I want people to think of me.

Why should a Christian forgive because of what they want others to think?

Heaven Will Respond

So it’s 1st March 2017 already? Didn’t we just cross over some few days ago? Thank you Lord Jesus for the gift of life. You said with long life will you satisfy us. Some didn’t get this opportunity, we are forever grateful.

Keep Pushing Through

Nobody cares about the labor pain, they all want to see the baby. Keep pushing through till you make a mark.

Divine Promotion

May you be selected for divine promotion.

Unusual Favour

From today, you will be unusually favored. People will honor you and doors will open up to you at will.